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My Process
Unlike many designers, I don’t believe you have to design and develop everything from scratch in order to have a successful website. I use existing frameworks, created by the best designers & developers around the world. This provides me with a great foundation for building your website, saving me time and saving you money in the process.

It all starts with you. What do you need? I start by discovering what your needs are. I ask questions. I listen to you. We talk over what best fits your business.


Words, pictures and colors bring your site to life and tell your story. I use the Divi framework to develop a powerful website that adapts to every device from desktops to tables to phones.


Only after you are satisfied do I consider the design to be complete. When you have fully reviewed your new website, it is loaded on to a server and you domain name is configured.

Clear Upfront Pricing
There are no hidden expenses. I charge a fee for design and set-up, and then an ongoing monthly or annual fee to keep your page updated, backed up and maintained.

One-Page Website

  • Up to 6 Sections
  • A template of your choosing
  • 2 revisions beyond the first draft
  • A full profesional site built on an Industry leading CMS
  • Custom Email (name@domain.com)*
  • Social Media Share & Follow
  • Customization (i.e. logo, colors, text, fonts)
  • Responsive Design (mobile-friendly)
  • Basic SEO Setup

Custom Website

$800 +
  • One-page and Multi-page options (# of pages TBD)
  • A template of your choosing
  • 2 revisions beyond the first draft
  • A full profesional site built on an Industry leading CMS
  • Custom Email (name@domain.com)*
  • Social Media Share & Follow
  • Customization (i.e. logo, colors, text, fonts)
  • Responsive Design (mobile-friendly)
  • Basic SEO Setup

Monthly cost after setup is $40/month and begins 1 months from launch date.
Each additional page is $100 and each additional section is $50.
Hosting is with A Small Orange. Domains are with Godaddy.
*Email is an additional cost of $5/per user per month and has a 500MB size limit

Questions & Answers
Please read this FAQ section to answer many common questions and also to find out if I am the right designer for you and if you are the rigth client for me.
How long will this whole process take?

I am generally booked out 2-3 months in advance. Once I am ready to work on your site it usually takes 4-6 weeks to build. This time frame varies depending on how complex your site is and if you have everything ready to go (content being provided by clients is often the biggest hold up on sites being finished in time). I will give you a clear timeline when I quote you. And I stick to my timeline. So as long as you provide what is needed, your site will go live at the time we agree to.

What is the overall process from beginning to end?
  1. First comes you website address or domain name. Do you already have one? Do you need one? I will help you choose one and then I will handle setting it up and configuring it all up.
  2. You then get to choose which of the design styles you want to use. I will send you a link to show the lisy to choose from.
  3. You tell me as much as you can about your target audience or customer. Design and visual aesthetic appeal is of course important, but how your site flows and functions in the best possible way for your visitors is equally important.
  4. You supply me with all of your content to be used for your website.
  5. Based on the designstyle you choose, info about who you’re marketing to, your content and our initial conversation, I come up with a layout for you to look at about 2 to 3 weeks in.
  6. I then get your feedback, you let me know if I’ve hit the nail on the head or if I’m completely off, and we go from there. It’s some trial-and-error and really just a lot of me playing with the layout, the graphic elements and grid options, etc. I try to consider all avenues to make sure we get the most out of your site so it can be the most visually interesting experience for your visitor.
  7. We launch your website to the work and setup an email accounts you need.
Is logo design included?

Unfortunately, no. All packages assume you already have a logo for your business. If you’d like to request a logo to be created, I can put you in contact with other graphic designers that specialize in logo creation.

What are the ongoing costs that you charge after the design is launched?

All websites have ongoing costs and don’t just maintain themselves. But never fear, I can help you out with that. I package all the costs associated together, so you only have to think about one bill to keep your site up and running. The ongoing cost for a basic/small business website is $40 per month.

Here’s what’s included:

Hosting and Domain Name
This is an annual cost, all websites have to cover. I include it in my costs so you don’t have to worry about a number of different bills. I use a host which is designed specifically for WordPress sites. This means that your site will function well and run fast.

Weekly Backend Updates
Websites need to stay updated in the backend. There are plenty of bad people out there who want to gain access to your site so they can use the resources for their own use. To make sure that doesn’t happen its important that the backend stays updated. So I will login weekly and make sure everything is updated.

Daily Backups and Site Revert
I will make sure your site is updated each night and stored up to 30 days. If anything goes wrong with your site, or even if you accidentally muck up something when making changes, I will revert your site to a pervious update as long as its within the 30 days window.

Security Monitoring
I’ll set up your site so it is secure, monitor it continually and block out the bad guys. If they somehow get through my defences (very unlikely) I will revert your site to the previous day’s backup.

Technical Support
As a part of your maintenance I will be available for technical support. You get 3 hours of support a year, most questions are able to be dealt with in 5-15 minutes, so most people won’t need more time than this. I like to equip my clients with the skills to be able to update their own content, so I will often send you a video of how you can do what you’re trying to do. Of course I’m also more than willing to perform the task for you.

If you run out of time you can purchase more time at a rate of $75 per hour.

NOTE: If you have a more complex site the maintenance cost will be higher to cover added technical support needed and also premium plugins that are required to run your site. I will let you know this cost when you get your original quote.

Are We Compatible to Work Together as Designer & Client?

There may be times when I try to talk my clients out of using a certain font, image or even a feature, or just something they really want. Should this happen I promise you I will give specific reasons why, and while you might not agree I truly hope you will trust my professional opinion. I always strive to make every client happy, but sometimes you, the client, can be your own worst enemy when it comes to design decisions.

If any of the following describes you I might not be the right designer for you:

  • You’ve dabbled in web design so you know a bit about the process and “how it works”. – There’s only room for one cook in this kitchen.
  • You’re not sure if you see the value in having a website for your business. – I’d be too concerned that you wouldn’t respect my time and effort, so let’s just not go down that road together.
  • You saw several sites you absolutely love so you have a long list of things your site must have, but you have to stick to your small budget. – I understand having a tight budget, especially in the beginning of a business, but the more you want the more I have to charge, as it’s not fair to me to give you X amount of features for a disproportionately low price.
  • You’d like a low price on the first project because you promise you’ll be giving me more work. – Ummm nope, not falling for that one.
  • You want a cheap custom site. – I charge what I think is fair for my skills, my talent, my experience. If you’re looking for a fully customized $500 site I’m not your man.
  • You want a designer who has a “the customer is always right” mentality. – Sorry, not me. If I’m hired for my expertise I’ll expect to be allowed to do my job, even if it means saying no to bad suggestions you may have.

None of the above is meant to be rude in any way at all, but after doing this a while I know what clients I work best with and who would enjoy working with me. What’s most important is that you find the right designer for you. We need to be compatible.

What do I need to provide?

You will need to provide all the content (text, logo, structure…) for the site. I am able to source images, but if you have specific ones you want used, then you will need to provide those also.

If you feel nervous about writing your own content you can hire a copywriter. I highly recommend this if you are not confident or if you feel a little unclear on what you are actually selling. You will have the best results with your site if you have a clear message of who you are, why your services are great, and why someone should use/buy from you. So it can be well worth the money to hire someone to help you make that part clear and punchy.

Will I be able to update my website on my own?

Yes! I build all my sites using wordpress for the very reason. My sites have a really user friendly backend, which will mean that you will be able to update your own content and images or even write a blog

Why do I need a website?

Because the majority of us spend a lot of our time on the internet. And whether its a good thing or not, we tend to judge a book by its cover (and your cover is your website). We tend to think a company is more trustworthy when they have a professional looking/functional website.

I know for me personally, even if a friend refers me to a service I always look them up online first before I use their services. It’s worth having a professional presence on the internet.

It’s an investment, and one that will pay off.

Is SEO offered?

Yes, but not SEO Maintenance.

All sites come with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) setup on all pages (individual blog posts, real estate listings, or similar not included). Good SEO greatly depends on your content, so it has to be pretty exceptional if ranking is very important to you. You may want to consider hiring a professional copywriter if you think writing dynamic content is not your strong suit. I do not offer monthly SEO maintenance. I need to mention that having a website and great SEO doesn’t magically bring in clients or customers. Marketing is needed, getting yourself out there on social media, spending money on online ads, etc. You as the business owner will need to put in some footwork.


Here are some examples of the websitges I have done for some happy customers.

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